Book Review: New York Edited. Out of Place

From the series “The electromagnetics of a teenage reality” © Jazmin Chase

Every year, the photographers of the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program at the International Center of Photography (ICP), New York, develop stunning photo series which get then edited by the photo editors class of the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie (OKS), in Berlin. Through twelve stories, this book tells us about loss, change and new beginnings.

© Kanuko Esther Asano
A group of Bag Pipers play at a special service to remember the live of the victims of the 1993 bombings to the World Trade Center, where six people lost their lives. of officers at the entrance of the memorial plaza look at the new One World Trade Center Tower. New York, 2017.
© Kanuko Esther Asano
January 07, 2017 — Paterson, New Jersey: Squatters take shelter in an abandoned silk mill. Temperatures were around 15F. © Todd R Darling

In side streets, remote neighborhoods, backyards and everyday life, we meet people whose stories are completely unknown to newspaper headlines. Off the beaten tracks and tourist attractions, the New Yorkers are looking for their place in the city.

The desire to belong to a community constantly drives people, despite adverse circumstances, to keep engaging with the ever changing environment. The search for one’s own home in the social mainstream leads to the construction of parallel worlds, to the reinvention of one’s self and to the creation of places that should substitute something.

Out of Place approaches through different photographic takes the lives and fates of very different people and accompanies them in the search for their place in the city.

© Natassia Kantorowicz Torres
April 08, 2017 — Paterson, New Jersey: On Palm Sunday a boy marches for peace through the 1st and 4th ward. The wards are notorious for gun violence and an ongoing feud referred to as ‘Up the Hill Down the Hill’ because of the geographic positioning of the wards to each other.
Felipe Rodriguez took a stroll in Bushwick, Brooklyn on February 4, 2017.

This year, with Out of Place, under the direction of Nadja Masri, the photo editors` class of the OKS will be publishing the seventh edition of the book series New York Edited. The class is held at one of the few institutions where a certificate can be earned and students are trained to be picture editors.

The book is available at the erster erster website, and the book will be available at 25books (Brunnenstraße 152, Berlin-Mitte, Germany) starting mid-February. For more information about the program at OKS, please click here.

Originally published at F-Stop Magazine.