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Welcome! I’ve been writing about photography, interviewing folks and reviewing photo books over the past 6+ years for F-Stop Magazine, YIELD Magazine, Vantage on Medium.com, and pitching in for stories and interviews for online publications like ArtNarratives.com, FujiFeed.com, Lensculture, and my own personal site/blog WobnebMagazine.com. I’m fortunate enough to be asked to write my opinion and give my insights for why something feels meaningful to me. It is all subjective. Art is subjective - why would we have so many genres of expression if art wasn’t subjective?

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I tend to focus on the who, what, where and why… especially the ‘why’ when talking to folks about their projects or bodies of work. I don’t tend to talk about tech/kit/gear or whatever you decide to throw into your bag. For me, it’s more important what is between the ears, rather than what is held in front of your face.

There are 200+ articles here to read - I hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve had the opportunity to share them with you.